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 Guild Application : START A NEW POST FOR APP

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PostSubject: Guild Application : START A NEW POST FOR APP   Sun Mar 16, 2008 5:30 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to the Fusion recruitment section. Here is a template for anyone who wants to join Fusion. Please fill out all of the required areas, and do your best to fill out the other information as well. We will get back to you as soon as we have made a decision.

Please start a new post when applying for Fusion.

Note: Failing to complete any of the required sections will result in an invalid application and will not be considered by the recruiters. Information in the profiling section is suggested to be filled in but not required.

Please only post an app when you are lvl 75 or above

Required Information: *

* In game name:
* Current Level:
* Character Class
* Faction Chosen (95 ):
* Estimated hours of play per week:
* Do you know what the program Ventrilo is?:

** If the answer to this is no, then it is very highly requested that applicants download the program from www.ventrilo.com to aid in guild communication**
* Do you have a mic?:
* Are you willing to listen only if you do not have a mic?:
* Are you currently in another guild? If so, which?
* Have you left any Guilds?, if so then for what reason?:
* Are you the original owner of the account:
* Does anyone else have access to your account?:
* Have you been referred by a current member? If so, who?:
* We have a Guild Rule that everyone needs to donate 5 pieces of titanium slotted +0 each and 100k each week, can you follow that rule?:

Profiling and additional information:
Real life name:
Time-zone that you live in:
Do you have additional characters? If so, please list the names and levels of the highest two and if they are on the same account as your main or on a separate account:

Are you applying to, or interested in, any other guilds, If so, which?
Why do you want to join Fusion ?:

Current size of your in-game bank account(Optional):
Any additional questions for the guild leaders?:

Please start a new post when applying for Fusion.


By celestrial at 2007-05-15
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Guild Application : START A NEW POST FOR APP
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